Founder Real Talk Episode #35 with Roy Mann, co-Founder & CEO of

Oren and I interviewed Roy Mann at’s headquarters in Tel Aviv

Part I of Our Israel Series with Roy Mann, Co-founder & CEO of

Episode #35 of Founder Real Talk is particularly special as it’s the first episode we’ve recorded abroad and the first episode I’ve co-hosted with my GGV colleague, Oren Yunger. On a recent trip to Israel, Oren and I spoke with several Israeli entrepreneurs about their growth plans. Also known as Startup Nation, Israel creates more companies per capita than any other country, with one startup for every 1,400 people. Here’s more about GGV’s commitment to funding and supporting the next generation of Israeli entrepreneurs.

To kick off our Israeli Entrepreneur Series, Oren and I interviewed Roy Mann, Co-founder & CEO of, the fastest growing company in Israel. Roy and his Co-founder, Eran Zinman, are disrupting how teams work and companies scale by building a platform that serves as the core of each business. The first product launched in 2014 and today, is growing rapidly, with over 100K customers and users in over 160 countries. From a late in the game company name change to opening a second office in NYC, this episode delves into challenges that many founders face. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next three episodes in our Israel Series!

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