Founder Real Talk Episode #36 with Slavik Markovich, Founder & CEO of Demisto

For Part II of our Israeli series, Oren and I met up with Slavik at Palo Alto Networks HQ

After a brief Covid-19 related hiatus, Founder Real Talk is back in action! Episode #36 continues our Israeli Entrepreneur Series, a group of episodes dedicated to getting to know Israeli founders and their companies. My colleague Oren Yunger and I interviewed Slavik Markovich, Co-founder & CEO of Demisto, a leading Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that helps security teams accelerate incident response, standardize and scale processes, and learn from each incident while working together. From his early days in the Israeli military to selling Demisto to Palo Alto Networks in Feb 2019, less than four years after its founding, for over $560 million, Slavik’s story is full of memorable anecdotes and important lessons for founders. We learn why listening to your customer is so important, how Demisto was inspired by Slack, what the best falafel is in Silicon Valley and much more about Slavik’s incredible journey. Enjoy!

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