Welcome Hans Tung, GGV Capital’s Newest Partner


My partners and I are incredibly excited to announce that Hans Tung has joined GGV Capital as our newest Partner.

In sports, we’re constantly reminded that when given the chance, you should always draft the best athlete rather than someone who fills a specific position – just ask the Portland Trailblazers, who famously selected Sam Bowie in the 1984 NBA Draft, leaving Michael Jordan available for the Chicago Bulls with the following pick, because they didn’t believe they needed another shooting guard. In Hans, we’re getting a remarkable athlete. Hans is recognized widely as a top venture capitalist, known for his entrepreneur-friendly approach and his tremendous portfolio, including Xiaomi, China’s legendary mobile phone player, Forgame, which just went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and carries over a $1Bn valuation, Vancl and eHi Car Rental.

On rare occasion, the best athlete also happens to fit the position you’re looking to fill. The Indianapolis Colts hit the jackpot with the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, selecting Andrew Luck, and in so doing, filling their biggest need – the quarterback position, with the best player to come to the NFL in the past decade (sorry Russell Wilson and RG III). Similarly, for GGV Capital, growing China & US convergence is the cornerstone of our strategy. As the world grows increasingly mobile and new billion dollar industries bloom, Hans joins at a time when the opportunity to continue to help the world’s best entrepreneurs grow from the US to China and from China to the US to build global leaders is at its peak. Hans’ experience with and familiarity in both China and the US is truly unique, and we look forward to working together with Hans to help a new crop of entrepreneurs build great companies.

Stay tuned. The future at GGV Capital looks bright, and with the addition of Hans, we’re more excited than ever.

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