Founder Real Talk Episode #6 with Jackie Reses, People & Capital Lead at Square

Interviewing my long time friend Jackie Reses for Founder Real Talk recently was a thrill. This episode is chock full of great insights and terrific Jackie witticisms. My guest host Crystal Huang and I had a ton of fun talking with Jackie. She discusses a wide range of topics from how she’s brought the rigor of private equity analysis to people operations at Square to how she’s built a team for a field that didn’t exist previously to how her team uses data to foster diversity for Square Capital’s customers.  I hope you enjoy this Founder Real Talk episode!

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My 20 Minute VC Podcast Episode

I had a great time joining Harry Stebbings on his 20MinuteVC Podcast today.  We discussed the venture capital market, how to run good board meetings, deal pricing, tech trends, China and more. Hope you enjoy! Listen to Podcast.