Founder Real Talk Episode #11 With Kelly Wright, Former EVP Sales at Tableau

In episode #11 of Founder Real Talk, my guest host Crystal Huang and I interview the incomparable Kelly Wright. Kelly joined Tableau pre-launch in early ’05 as the first sales person, and she culminated her run in late ’16. Under Kelly’s leadership, Tableau grew revenue from zero to $850M! She led worldwide sales and all field operations, with over half the company’s 3,400 employees reporting up through her. In the episode, she shares incredible insights on the value of hiring, training and supporting great people, using data to manage go to market and the importance of prioritization as a leader. I also love the lessons Kelly learned while selling books door to door to put herself through college, and how she put that experience to work throughout her tenure at Tableau. In short, you’ll love this episode!

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