Founder Real Talk Episode #18 With Elad Gil on High Growth Scaling

In episode #18 of Founder Real Talk, I discuss a variety of topics regarding scaling in high growth settings with Elad Gil. We dig into several of the themes Elad explores in his seminal book on the topic, “High Growth Handbook” such as how the role of a leader changes, the importance of mentors, managing a board, and gauging success. This is a great episode and Elad is truly brilliant. We also have a holiday special offering as part of this episode. If you listen in, you’ll hear directions to submit for one of twenty signed copies of Elad’s book we’ve procured for Founder Real Talk listeners! Happy holidays!

Also, keep an eye open next week for our holiday reading list, enumerating the many great books, articles and other forms of content our guests suggested to us on Founder Real Talk this past year. We’ll put it up at

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