Founder Real Talk Episode #23 With Dave McJannet, CEO of Hashicorp

Dave McJannet live on stage with me at Evolving Enterprise ’19

On Founder Real Talk episode #23, I talk with HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet from an interview recorded live at Evolving Enterprise, GGV Capital’s annual enterprise conference in March 2019.  Dave joined HashiCorp as CEO about three years ago when the company was just 30 people, and today he leads a fast-growing organization of over 450 people. Dave shares his wisdom about this amazing journey, metrics to monitor the health of an open source business, how to balance the demands of open source communities and commercial customers and reveals the simple secret to relationships with founders and enterprise customers alike:  trust.  This episode is filled with useful takeaways and may challenge your thinking about how to build a software company. This is must-listen episode!

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