Founder Real Talk Episode #26 with Anne Raimondi, CCO at Guru & SMB Expert

Anne Raimondi shared a ton of great insights at the GGV SMB Tech Summit

In this episode of Founder Real Talk, I speak with Anne Raimondi, the Chief Customer Officer at Guru, Asana board member and former SVP of Operations at Zendesk, at GGV’s recent SMB Tech Summit. Anne explains why face-to-face connections with customers and prospects are critical and why stay in cross-functional pods for as long as possible can provide great benefits. Anne encourages founders to hire inherently curious “evangelists” who are already passionate about your product. Pro tip from Anne: The quickest way to end internal debates about what should or shouldn’t be built is to listen to customers talk about their pain points. This is a great episode with lots of valuable lessons!

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