Founder Real Talk Episode #31 with Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet

This episode’s guest is Mark Mader, the CEO of Smartsheet

On episode #31 of Founder Real Talk, I have the great opportunity to interview Mark Mader, the CEO of Smartsheet, the no code platform for enterprise achievement. Mark has run Smartsheet since 2006, taking a pre-revenue, six person startup that many doubted to a 1,500 employee, public company with 82,000 customers and over $250M in revenue run rate. Mark discusses a variety of topics including the culture of making Smartsheet an “earned enterprise,” and not “over-titling,” employees’ responsibility to act as microphones, the importance of creating memorable moments for your employees and customers, the value of customer conferences and how his role as CEO has changed as the company has grown. Mark is a pioneer and highly strategic thinker. This is an awesome episode!

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