Founder Real Talk Episode #34 with Sarah Nahm, Founder & CEO of Lever

I met up with Sarah Nahm at the Lever offices for this fantastic chat

On episode #34 of Founder Real Talk, I have the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Nahm, Founder & CEO of Lever, a recruiting software company that is tackling the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to grow their teams with great people. The biggest challenge I’ve seen company leaders in our portfolio face is hiring. Sarah hit the nail on the head about the need for operators to build a database of talent to have cumulative value over time since you will always be hiring. Sarah’s advice to go beyond applicants and proactively work every channel is how you will find the 10Xers that will change the trajectory of your business. I couldn’t agree more. I applaud Sarah’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and how she has maintained a 50/50 gender ratio at Lever since 2016. Her human design centered approach, which she credits the Stanford design program for, has enabled her to design Lever’s unique company culture. If you’re an operator, this episode is for you. Enjoy!

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