Founder Real Talk Episode #37 with Shlomi Ben Haim, Founder & CEO of JFrog

Oren and I met up with Shlomi at the JFrog “Swamp” in Silicon Valley

When it comes to understanding what it takes to start a software company in Israel and then grow it into a billion-dollar global business, there’s no one better to ask than Shlomi Ben Haim, co-founder and CEO of JFrog, provider of the world’s first universal artifact management platform that ushered in a completely new era in DevOps. Founded in 2008, JFrog has become the “database of DevOps” used by over 6000 customers worldwide including Amazon, Cisco, and Netflix. Shlomi spent 12 years in the Israeli Air Force, where he learned his core startup management techniques–”if you are focused and disciplined, you will deliver”, and “if you debrief, you will always learn and improve”. Shlomi co-founded JFrog with Fred Simon and Yoav Landman, both of whom he met at a prior company, and their relationship goes back nearly 20 years. My GGV colleague Oren Yunger and I recently sat down with Shlomi to find out more about how he’s managed to build one of the most successful open source companies of all time. You’re going to love this episode!

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