Founder Real Talk Episode #38 With Nati Davidi & Uri Alter, co-Founders of VDOO

My GGV colleague Oren Yunger and I interviewed Nati and Uri in Israel before the pandemic

This is the fourth episode in our Israeli Entrepreneur Series, a group of episodes dedicated to getting to know Israeli founders and their companies. During a (pre-pandemic) trip to Israel, my colleague Oren Yunger and I got to interview Netanel (Nati) Davidi and Uri Alter, two of the Co-founders of VDOO, the only automated device security solution that is integrated across the entire product lifecycle and a GGV portfolio company. Nati and Uri’s relationship dates back to 1999 when they met in the Israeli military. It was great to hear their different takes on their first encounter and the rationale for founding not just one, but two companies together. Nati and Uri built and sold their first startup, Cyvera, successfully to Palo Alto Networks for $200M, leaving them laser focused on building VDOO into a big company. The lessons in this episode for founders, especially for co-founders, are endless. Enjoy!

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