Founder Real Talk Episode #44 With Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO of Monte Carlo Data

Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO of Monte Carlo joined me and my GGV colleague Oren Yunger for this episode

I’m really excited to bring you episode #44 of Founder Real Talk with Barr Moses, the Co-founder & CEO of Monte Carlo Data. Previously, Barr was VP at Gainsight where she helped scale the company 10x in revenue and worked with 100s of clients on delivering reliable data. Prior to that, Barr was a management consultant at Bain & Company, worked in the Statistics Department at Stanford, and she also served in the Israeli Air Force as a commander of an intelligence data analyst unit. Barr graduated from Stanford with a B.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Science. This episode is part of our early stage series. Barr’s story in incredible and I know you’ll enjoy hearing her discuss leadership, getting the most out of people, making decisions without perfect information and working on category creation. You’re going to love hearing from Barr!

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